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Fiber Gel

REUZEL® Fiber Gel. Firm, pliable. Low shine.

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REUZEL® Fiber Gel is an alcohol-free,
non flaking gel with a firm pliable hold and low shine. Firm, pliable. Low shine.


T-4 Tonic Blend
Witch Hazel Extract: Natural astringent
Nettle Leaf Extract: Adds shine
Rosemary Extract: Moisturizing
Horsetail Root Extract: Strengthening
Unique Copolymer Blend: Delivers optimal style memory and hold

How to use

Begin with a dime sized amount of Fiber Gel and apply to towel dried hair. Add more Fiber Gel as needed for longer, thicker hair. Comb through and allow to dry naturally or blow-dry into hair after application for added volume and lift.

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