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Astringent Foam – 200 ml

REUZEL® Astringent Foam refreshes skin after shaving.

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REUZEL® Astringent Foam soothes and tones, tightens pores and promotes smooth, balanced skin. This non-drying, oil-free Astringent Foam removes residual grime and oil without removing essential moisture.


T-4 Tonic Blend
Witch Hazel Extract: Soothes tender skin
Nettle Leaf Extract: Natural astringent
Rosemary Extract: Moisturizing
Horsetail Root Extract: Antioxidant
Aloe Vera: Promotes moisture and soothes the skin

How to use

No need for a cotton swab, simply squeeze foam directly from the bottle and apply to skin; wipe with cloth if needed until clean and refreshed. Keep container closed tightly.

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